Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Publishing in Detroit?

New publishing in Detroit?
Who would dare start new publishing in Detroit?

The people behind NEW POP LIT, for one.

They're out with their first title, a collection of stories, essays, and poems from the nation's best DIY writers.
The title: NEW POP LIT Issue One.

The kickass cover is by Detroit artist Alyssa Klash. Our task from the beginning was to find writing to equal the cover. We believe we have.
The writers include Detroit author Kathleen Crane; zine legends Jessie Lynn McMains and Wred Fright; small press publisher and novelist Delphine Pontvieux; underground filmmaker Pablo D'Stair; avant-garde "Pop Picasso" artist and writer Dan Nielsen-- and other unique talents.

Readers will discover a variety of approaches to the literary art. Not fully literary. Not quite pop. Approaches toward an elusive hybrid. A fresh start for readers and writers.
More exciting "Made in Detroit" titles will follow!