Thursday, July 28, 2016

An Apocryphal Ernest Hemingway Story

Discovered during New Pop Lit's recent excursion to northern Michigan.

There's a small town in Michigan named Aloha, near where the young Ernest Hemingway used to visit. (You can look it up.)

The story goes that Ernest stopped at a tavern in Aloha. While drinking a beer at the bar he engaged in conversation with one of the locals, who was either a lumberjack, or an American Indian.

"What do you say when you write people?" Hemingway asked. "Aloha from Aloha?"

"I'm actually from Detroit," the man told him.

"Well, then I guess it's 'Aloha from Detroit,'" Hemingway said, touching beer glasses with the fellow.


Have the smart-looking New Pop Lit "Aloha from Detroit" t-shirts been designed to celebrate that legendary Hemingway remark?

Not really. But they could have!


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