Monday, March 10, 2008

Hanging On

One gets a sense that this city, this area, has the mentality of "just hanging on"-- hoping for a miracle rescue to drop from the sky; in the meantime putting hope in incremental measures such as an uptick in the Big Three. There's no sense of crisis, though the area IS in crisis. Everyone is walking lethargically through their paces or waiting around.

Empty shops in the city and burbs; proprietors behind the counters waiting, waiting. . . .

The shame of it all is that Detroit has potential-- TREMENDOUS potential. To realize it the area will need a total shift in mental outlook. For starters, it needs radical new strategies for marketing itself.

Who here has the imagination to grasp this? Anyone?


FDW said...

Why not get in touch with Patti Smith and then that wise old Chinese American woman activist who is a comrade of Baraka you've talked about getting in touch with.
And what about Gustafanson [sic.}
and the issues you mentioned regarding him and the Detroit literary scene.

King Wenclas said...

Why don't you finish your essay to GP Solomos?
You know, Frank, the weather has been rather harsh here, which makes it difficult for me to get into contact with anybody.
I expect that to change.
Thanks for the input.
(Gustafson is dead and seems largely forgotten. Believe me, I have a great deal on my "to do" list. But I'm on nobody's schedule but my own.)