Thursday, July 28, 2016

An Apocryphal Ernest Hemingway Story

Discovered during New Pop Lit's recent excursion to northern Michigan.

There's a small town in Michigan named Aloha, near where the young Ernest Hemingway used to visit. (You can look it up.)

The story goes that Ernest stopped at a tavern in Aloha. While drinking a beer at the bar he engaged in conversation with one of the locals, who was either a lumberjack, or an American Indian.

"What do you say when you write people?" Hemingway asked. "Aloha from Aloha?"

"I'm actually from Detroit," the man told him.

"Well, then I guess it's 'Aloha from Detroit,'" Hemingway said, touching beer glasses with the fellow.


Have the smart-looking New Pop Lit "Aloha from Detroit" t-shirts been designed to celebrate that legendary Hemingway remark?

Not really. But they could have!


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Unknown said...

Couldn't the man have been both a lumberjack and an American Indian?

Unknown said...

Of course. But Hemingway differentiated the two groups in the Nick Adams stories, which might indicate the jobs didn't usually go to native Americans.