Thursday, August 20, 2015



What's MegaDetroit?

MegaDetroit is merely a Detroit of the size of a previous incarnation. 1.8 to 2 million inhabitants. This time at the forefront of at least two major industries.

Is this possible?

Take out a globe of the world and look for geographic crossroads. You'll see at those crossroads-- Instanbul for instance-- world-class cities.

Detroit is not only at a key geographic crossroad. It's also placed near large freshwater lakes. Because industrial plants consume large amounts of fresh water, there may be no better location on the planet for industry than Detroit. Fresh water; waterways; cool weather; transportation-- there are reasons why industry grew up here in the first place!

The city needs, however, more than the automotive industry. It needs a double punch.

Detroit's second major asset right now is its edgy reputation. Its street cred and attitude. This is why artists have begun moving here. It's why writers need to move here as well.

As I outlined in the previous post, the publishing industry is undergoing a shakeup. New technology is changing publishing and it will change the publishing product-- the art.

The conjunction of forces provides major opportunity for this tough weathered town. Opportunity that needs to be grabbed.

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